Recently, the City of Rochester expressed their official support for the prototype parklet, recognizing that the project will add value throughout business districts across the city.  Upon the successful completion of our project, the City of Rochester will seek to formally launch a municipally led parklet program city-wide. 

We see this as a pilot that will lead to the creation of a formal City parklet program that will generate additional parklets in business districts around the city. Parklets are a valuable way to enhance the walkability and bike-ability of our city, encouraging local economic development and improving quality of life.
— Kathleen Washington, Acting Commissioner, Neighborhood Business & Development / Norman Jones, Commissioner, Department of Environmental Services - City of Rochester

Our prototype parklet will reflect the diversity and creativity of the people and organizations who have designed it and the project will be fabricated through a public planning process.  We would love your support as well, please give us your feedback!