The prototype parklet project will be located at 1344 University Ave in front of Joe Bean Coffee Roasters. A several hundred foot defunct fire lane will be transformed into public green space that will foster built-in seating and bicycle parking through a project rooted in accessibility, sustainability, innovation and superior design. 

Parklets provide amenities like seating, planting, bike parking, and art and are intended to be fixtures within the urban landscape. While parklets are maintained by neighboring businesses, residents, and community organizations, they are publicly accessible and open to everyone. 



1  -  Communal Seating
Integrated and open seating for conversation, a quiet place to work, or play.

2  -  Pop-Up Food
With the growing food culture in Rochester or events that may be hosted in the area, our Parklet will become a hub for this need by integrating dedicated food truck parking and support pop-up retail or other food vendors.

3  -  Raised Bed Planters
Seasonal planters will be scattered across the parklet.  Herbs and vegetables will be grown for the Joe Bean Kitchen as well as hearty grasses to provide a more intimate space.

4  -  Accessibility
Over 75% of this program is ADA accessible, with a secondary revision coming that will add even more accessibility to the design.

5  -  Bike Parking
An on-street bike corral for both short and long-term bike parking.

6  -  Cafe Seating
To provide an extension of the Joe Bean space, there will be outdoor cafe seating so their patrons can come out and enjoy this or any other space within the parklet.

7  -  Zoned Parking
In collaboration with the City of Rochester, we will be working to properly line and zone parking along this stretch of University Ave.

8  -  Fixed Seating
To promote gathering space, this end of the Parklet will provide large picnic table style seating so large groups can gather to share a drink or individuals can set up their mobile office.


Site Plan


*all images and work above copyright, Staach Inc. for the Rochester Parklet